• Appetizers (cold)
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Tzatziki strained Greek yogurt, cucumber, olive oil (served with pita)     $6.99

Hummus Chickpeas, tahini, olive oil (served with pita)  $6.99

  • Baba ghanoush roasted eggplant, mayo, olive oil, garlic (served with pita)  $6.99

Tirokafteri (spicy feta ) yogurt, red cherry pepper, olive oil (served with pita) $7.99


  • Feta & Olives imported greek feta with kalamata olives $7.99

Dolmadakia grape leaves stuffed with rice & fresh herbs  $7.99

Greek yogurt strained Greek yogurt   $6.99

  • Appetizers  (hot)
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Calamari crispy – fried fresh squid   $14.99

Grilled octopus – fresh octopus in lemon oil dressing  $16.99

Greek fries feta, olive oil, oregano   $6.99

Fried zucchini lightly battered zucchini   $10.99


  • Saganaki greek cheese (Vlahotiri) flambé  $9.99

Spanakopita (spinach pie) spinach & feta wrapped with phyllo   $7.99

Falafel chickpeas, mint, and parsley (served with tzatziki and pita) $10.99

French Fries greek cheese (Vlahotiri) flambé  $9.99


  • Our Salads
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Cretan dako Crushed tomatoes, feta cheese, barley rusk, olive oil   $14.95

Greek tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, feta, olive oil, oregano, pepperoncini Small  $8.95    Large   $11.95

Marouli  finely chopped romaine lettuce, green onions, lemon olive oil dressing   $8.95

Roka   arugula, goat cheese, walnuts, prosciutto, balsamic, olive oil   $14.95

  • Sparta Salata grilled salmon, spinach, seasonal fruits, apples, dried fig, balsamic, olive oil  $18.99

Victorian mixed greens, oranges beets, feta cheese, raisins, greek honey, balsamic, olive oil  $14.95

Greek Quinoa Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepers and onions with Perperonchini and feta topped with oregano. $12.95


Add protein to any salad:

    • Grilled shrimp or salmon $10

Octopus $12

Chicken breast   $7

Porc Gyro $7

    • Chicken gyro  $7

Any Souvlaki $7

Lamb gyro   $7

Beets   $4

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(Slowly roasted on the pit)

  • Lamb gyro  Freshly sliced lamb stuffed in a pita   $9.95

Chicken gyro seasoned chicken gyro sliced fresh in a pita    $9.95

Pork gyro seasoned pork gyro sliced fresh in a pita    $9.95

Original Way :Pita, tomato, onion, tzatziki, fries.

Healthy way: Wheat pita, lettuce, tomato, tzatziki, spinach, olive oil lemon dressing



(skewers grilled over charcoal)

    • Chicken souvlaki free range chicken thigh   $9.95

Pork souvlaki  all white meat (pork loin)  $10.95

Steak souvlaki skirt steak USDA choice  $11.95

Kotobacon souvlaki  free range chicken thigh wrapped in bacon  $10.95

Loucaniko Souvlaki Greek sausage $10.95

    • Chicken snitzel crispy fried chicken breast  $9.95

Calamari crispy fried squid $10.95

Salmon wild Alaskan salmon $13.95

Shrimp Pita grilled shrimp $12.95

Falafel Pita chickpeas, mint, parsley $10.95


  • Pick II sides for a Platter $5.00.

French fries, Hummus, White rice,Tzatziki, Brown rice, Yogurt,Tirokafteri, Baba ghanoush

  • Note: (tzatziki) can be substituted for any of the below *hummus, baba ghanoush, spicy feta make it a platter add 2 (sides)
  • MEAT MEEZE (includes pita and tzatziki)
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Grilled loucaniko (sausage)- two pieces of char-grilled greek sausage  $10.95

Chicken gyro grilled and seasoned free range chicken  $11.95

  • Kotobacon two skewers of seasoned chicken thigh wrapped in bacon  $11.95

Chicken fingershand breaded to order $10.95

  • Pork gyro  seasoned pork sliced fresh to order $11.95

Lamb gyro  sliced lamb seasoned and sliced $10.95

Shrimp souvlaki  two skewers of grilled seasoned shrimp $15.95

Chicken souvlaki  two skewers grilled chicken thigh $10.95

Pork souvlaki  two skewers pork loin  $10.95


Steak souvlaki  two skewers USDA choice steak $11.95

  • Pick II sides for a Platter $5.00.

French fries, Hummus, White rice,Tzatziki, Brown rice, Yogurt,Tirokafteri, Baba ghanoush

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  • Gyro pikilia   lamb, chicken, and pork gyro sliced to order  $26.95

Zeus   1 pork souvlaki, I chicken souvlaki, 1 loucaniko, lamb gyro, 1 pork chop, 1 lamp chop  $29.95

Meat pikilia  2 pork souvlaki, 2 chicken souvlaki, 2 loucaniko, 2 pork chops, 2 lamb chops, pick two gyros  $42.95

Poseidon grilled salmon, 4 butterfly shrimp , 4 grilled shrimp & calamari   $36.95

Achillies  1 chicken souvlaki, 1 chicken breast, chicken gyro, Koto bacon $26.95


FROM THE GRILL ( served with two Sides)

    • Lamb chops 4 pieces new Zealand lamb $28.99

Pork chops  2 center cut pork chops  $17.99

Chicken snitzel crispy fried chicken breast  $14.99

Grilled Salmon wild Alaskan salmon   $19.99


    • 14oz rib-steak  bone-in ribeye (cowboy) $27.99

Chicken breast grilled free range chicken  $14.99

Butterfly shrimp  8 pieces glazed in garlic butter w/ paprika  $18.99

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The Spartan  Chicken breast filet wrapped in a whole weat pita with Feta cheese and mixed greens, Served with a side of Greek Salad. $14.99

The Leonidas Chicken breast fillet wrapped in whole weat pita, With beets&Greek yogurt. Seved with a side of Greek Salad. $14.99

The Empire  Grilled salmon with spinach brown rice & Whole weat pita. Served with a side of beet dip. $18.99

The Queen of Sparta  Choice of grilled chicken or salmon, Mixed greens, Greek olive oil, Seasonal Fruit, Apples, Dried figs &walnuts $18.99

  • The spartan diet focuses mainly on greek and mediteranean food like olives, olive oil,figs, grapes,apples,avocado,green vegetables,eggs,turkey,chicken,pork,lamb, fish,whole grain bread and wild rice.On this diet, you should never eat until you are full, and you should be hungry between every meals. The diet should, however be high in protein, so eat 1,2,gr of protein for every pound of yourbody weight andeat protein every three hours. Eat carbonhydrates in the morning to give you the energyto train hard.

There is no specific caloric intake recomended: you should simply eat the minimum to give you the energy to exercise and make sure your calores come from nutricious foods

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Greek yogurt with Greek honey and walnuts    $5.99

Baklava  Greek pastry with walnuts and honey   $5.99

Ferrero  Praline with caramelize hazelnuts served with chocolate  $6.99

Bougatsa (for  or more) custard pastry from Thessaloniki, Greece  $12.99


  • Walnut cake chocalate Baklava $6.99

Cheese Cake Baklava Perfect mix between cheese cake, honey and walnuts baklava. $6.99

Waffle Topped with fresh fruits and nutella. $6.99

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Capuccino  $3.50

Espresso  $2.50

Double espresso $3.50

Greek Coffee  $4.00

    • Iced coffee  $4.50

Iced Capuccino  $4.50

Iced Espresso  $4.50

Greek Frappe  $4.50


    • Sparkling water  $4.50

Soft drinks $2.50

Bottle of water $3.50